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Geely – it is a dynamic automotive brand of the company Geely Auto, which is part of Geely Holding Group, founded in 1986. The first Geely car was released in 1998. Since then, the company has gone from a follower to one of the leaders in the scientific and technological field. Since 2009 Geely has been on the Russian market.

Geely continues to develop production, expand the range and improve the quality of products, including through the acquisition of Western companies and cooperation with foreign enterprises in the field of technology and innovation. The most striking examples of this cooperation are the development of premium electric vehicles and hybrids under the Smart brand in conjunction with Daimler AG, he development of internal combustion engines with Volvo Car Group,which has been a subsidiary of Geely since 2010 .In addition, the iconic acquisitions of Geely are the Malaysian company Proton, the British Lotus and the American Terrafugia.

Geely owns 15 automotive plants and 8 transmission and engine manufacturing plants in China abroad, as well as research centers in China, Sweden, England and Germany, design bureaus in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona, California and Coventry.

The History of the Company

Geely Holding Group and Daimler AG have announced the creation of a joint venture Smart Automobile Co., Ltd. to develop a common brand of electric vehicles and premium hybrids.
The head of Geely Holding Group acquired a 9.69% stake in German carmaker Daimler AG and became its main shareholder.
In November, a new factory was opened in Belarus, the first Geely all-wheel-drive crossover (Geely Atlas) was announced to the Russian market. In the first half of the year, Geely and Volvo's combined sales exceeded the 800,000 mark; the deal to acquire a controlling stake in Lotus and PROTON is closed. Geely Holding Group has bought out the American startup for the development of flying cars Terrafugia.
In October, Geely unveiled a new LYNK'CO brand in Berlin and its first model 01, the result of a collaboration between Geely and Volvo. Geely is launching the "2020" strategy, which aims to sell Geely by 2020 to two million vehicles a year, with 900,000 SUV, 850,000 cars and 250,000 MPV. In the future, the company is betting on the development of innovative technologies and alternative energy sources.
Investing 300 million to build a research center and a new LTC plant. Adoption of the BLUE GEELY strategy, which aims to produce about 40 hybrid and electric vehicle models by 2020. Thus, by the appointed date, 90% of Geely's sales will be electric cars and cars with hybrid drive.
The opening of a research center in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Geely Holding Group is one of the largest Fortune Global 500 companies in the world.
In March, Geely bought Volvo Cars Corporation from Ford Automotive.
Geely takes control of the DSI transmission plant in Australia. Geely is entering the market in Russia.
Redefining brand positioning at all levels of the company's customer experience, including the core values of the Geely brand.
Acquisition of a controlling stake in Manganese Bronze Holdings (MBH), a British company that produces London's famous cabs.
Geely Holding Group enters the IPO by placing its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK: 0175).
Creation of the Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Geely Auto is among the top 10 automotive companies in China.
The first model of the Geely car. It was a hatchback X9 SUV.
Geely's entry into the automotive market.
Founded by Geely Group Co., Ltd.
Geely enters the motorcycle market.
Geely founding.