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What inspires me the most!?

Geely Coolray What Turns You It just so happens that I'm the daughter of a professional racer and on adrenaline planted with diapers. My dad was riding me on a small sports bike, I couldn't sit in the back and cover him with small hands, so he put me in front, on the tank. Driven under 200 km/h, he dozens of times stood with me on the back wheel, and I, small, squealing ...

I am inspired by my garden. My garden is my passion!

The Izhorian people have a unique, rich history, live in a beautiful land, preserve their culture and pass on knowledge to the younger generation. He lives despite the many challenges he's been through, and that motivates me to do what I love. It stimulates me to reach new heights.

Kristina Osipova

I'm a girl! And I love fishing! My favorite and most original hobby, far from female - I love fishing with friends or papules on the lake, enjoy nature and clean air! After all, fishing can be a favorite pastime not only of men, but also of women. My grandmother's cottage was just near the river, so I got access to water from an early age! In the hands of the first time the fishing rod took years at 6)) And still remain partial to this ...


"Look at the world. He's a lot more amazing than he is," Ray Bradberry once said. My favorite hobby is trips to different countries, it is difficult to describe the feelings, emotions and memories that remain with me after visiting the next state. Travel changes me, helps me grow and develop, sometimes makes me experience the illusion and believe in things that seemed impossible.

Anastasia Kostrova

I am inspired by contemporary art and design. Bright colors, precise strokes and lines combined with classic styles. I love bold decisions, experiments and a combination of incongruous. I believe that every work should reflect the soul of the master, each work should have its own zest....


I have always been inspired by the atmosphere of megacities, especially the dynamics of life in Moscow. Even minimal daily quests give inspiration and a sense of victory, without which it is so boring to live! I was one of the first to test the new city crossover Geely Coolray and this machine is very suitable for this rhythm of the city.