Nearly 400,000 Cars Sold at the Two-Year Anniversary of Geely Coolray’s Overseas Launch

As a great product made by Geely for young global customers, Coolray has been a best-selling product since its launch in China in October 2018, and quickly ranked among the top three best-selling compact SUVs in the Chinese market. In September 2019, Geely Coolray officially began its worldwide trip, entering over ten countries successively including Philippines, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. It quickly captured a large number of local customers. Two years after diving into the global market, the Coolray has become a sales legend with nearly 400,000 cars worldwide up to now.

In less than six months after Geely made its first stop in the Philippines in 2019, Coolray won first place in sales volume in the local market segment, and has held the top spot till now. Its market share was 24.2% during the period from January to August 2021. After that, Coolray rode the momentum and quickly gained a foothold in the forefront of market segments of countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. In Belarus, Coolray became a big seller as soon as it was launched, and ranked fifth in sales in the local market segments in the quarter of that year. As for the first quarter this year, its market share exceeded 35%, making it the top seller, and its popularity is continuing to grow. Good news also poured in from markets such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, where there’s a cumulative sales growth of over 230% year-over-year from January to August 2021 with a record-high sales volume.

Meanwhile, Coolray has won many awards from local media overseas, such as the Best Subcompact Crossover award by Philippines C! Magazine, and was hailed as the Best Budget Car by the readers of Russian Auto News. In 2020, Coolray carried the champion team FC BATE Borisov, and took them back to their home field with the trophy they won, enjoying the attention of the whole crowd.

What’s behind these impressive sales figures and glorious moments is Coolray’s strong competitiveness. As Geely’s first compact SUV on the globally leading BMA architecture, which took the company four years to build, Coolray came with a “naturally good base”. Equipped with the 1.5TD engine jointly developed with Volvo, together with the 7DCT transmission with a 0.2-second quick shift, it took the lead in fields such as dynamics performance and fuel efficiency with a high transmission efficiency of 97%. The exterior adopts a sporty and fashionable design, and the interior design combines both texture and technology elements. Equipped with leading safety technologies such as blind spot detection and auto parking assist, Coolray brings users a high-value experience. “Coolray’s exterior is very eye-catching, and the cabin is almost comparable to that of premium European marques…”; “Coolray is very fuel-efficient, and it feels agile when driving it. It can accelerate very fast, which can also give the driver a clear sense of the road. I like it a lot.” The Coolray has received a lot of positive feedback in various markets.

If to say product competitiveness is the base of Coolray’s success, then always putting customers first is the key. To provide a more convenient and comfortable way of travelling, in the upgraded Coolray that launched this August, it added an electric trunk door, front seat ventilation, and other features that customers care about, further improving user experience. Once the upgraded Coolray came out, it attracted great attention in markets such as Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines, and many customers said that “If there is a need for a new car in the family, then Coolray will no doubt be the first choice.” 

As a benchmark product for small and medium-sized SUVs, Coolray has been tested by time and different markets, and has gained recognition from nearly 400,000 users worldwide. In the fierce international competition, Coolray will integrate Geely’s strong technological and ecological advantages to create new experiences for global users looking for convenient travel options, and strive to make a new miracle belonging to Chinese brand on the international stage.